Circular Saws

Circular Saws

There are several types of circular saws available today and so the one you should use should be the one best suited for your job in hand. A Circular Saw 2016 can either be one powered by mains electricity or one powered by a battery pack and whilst the battery pack powered saw may be more versatile, able to be used in confined spaces or in remote locations, the mains powered saw provides continuous use without having to stop to be recharged.

Having decided which power source is best suited for your work, there are still choices as to which saw to use. The Sidewinder is perhaps the most commonly used as it has a motor and blade which are in line, providing better accuracy in an easy way however, a Worm Drive saw will provide more power for cutting thicker or harder woods. AS the Worm Drive saw has a motor and blade which are at right angles to each other, they need a system of gears in order to function and those gears are therefore also able to create more power to the blade. A Trim Saw can always be used to finish most tasks, perhaps trimming mouldings and the like and because the trim saw is lighter and is usually accompanied with a blade that has smaller, sharper teeth, it can provide precision with much more ease for a smooth finish to any job.

The blades which you use with your circular saw are also important and so the correct selection of blade for each job can make that job far easier. Circular saws can also cut masonry as well as wood but if that is what you intend to use your circular saw for, you should ensure that you use masonry blades. The masonry blades have been specifically designed for use in cutting bricks and concrete and so have an added layer of abrasive material on their blades. Although this added abrasiveness is ideal or masonry work, it is not suitable for using with wood. For cutting wood, a plywood blade is most commonly used and is perhaps ideal except that they are not very durable as they have no protective coating, meaning that they wear down quickly. A more durable blade is the ripping blade as it has a protective coating but its larger teeth only make it suitable for cutting with the grain of any wood. If you need to cut across the wood’s grain, a cross-cutter blade is recommended as its smaller teeth make the cutting much easier.

There are of course other blades that can be considered including a combination blade which can be used for cutting both with the rain and across it, a tile blade which has special coating and smaller teeth, making it ideal for cutting ceramic or stone tiles.
Whichever circular saw and blades you decide to use, you should always remember that safety should come first and so ensure that you only use the saw whilst wearing a pair of suitable goggles.

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